Comfy Stim [TENS + EMS ] |  Muscle stimulator

Comfy Stim [TENS + EMS ] | Muscle stimulator

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comfy stim feature and benefits with it dual-channel device.

  • Low battery alert

  • Easy wear and remove cover

  • 5 Modes for massage, 2 for Pain Relief

  • Both side unit steel strips for protection

  • Big display screen for reading and setting

  • Easy press button controller

  • Memory storage for recent settings and readings

  • Stainless steel unbroken protection cover

  • Treatment time countdown


Comfy Stim stimulator.

Comfy Stim Stimulator is a multi-channel device with an already installed body part- massage program. This massager machine has different treatment modes like back pain relief mode, neck pain relief mode, shoulder massager pain relief mode, and foot and leg pain relief modes. This machine comes with a complete set of equipment in with you get jumper tens including a four tens pad and a central processing device and other equipment like wires etc.

tens device.

Comfy Stim device connect with small electrodes pads which are small in size sticky pad placed on the skin and after the session, these pads come off easily.

The electric shockwaves and pulses are generated by the device and transferred into the body through pads. The main device called the unit easily fits in your hand. You can easily control the system as you want.

These pulses also work to transfer the message to the brain to release the natural pain-relieving chemicals called hormones.