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It can cure a lot of skin problem and accelerate problem skin healing.
Easy to operate that pop welcome by the majority of the beauty professionals and it is also a great investment for them.
It has 3 main function.

Therapy and beautification function:
1. To help treatment product to sip through the skin with the following particular function:
– Not limited by the quality of the treatment products whether it is ion ( plus / minus molecules), water-soluble or medication.
– It is more effective than rubbing treatment products into the skin since it will help skin absorb the treatment products.
– Not limited by ion ( plus / minus molecules ) of the products.
– Treated areas can stay fine after treatment.
– Will not cause electricity shock.
– Easy to operate and make treatment products easy adhere to the skin.

2. Beautification:
– Soften blood vein and even out red face.
– Rid pimples and acne ( every ten days is served as a course ).
– Rid skin pigmentation. Use with high unit Vitamin C skin products to accelerate skin rejuvenation process. Expect to see result after 3treatments with optimum result after10 – 40 treatment.
– Prevent and rid the formation of wrinkles, soften blood vein and face-lift. Due to the increase of body metabolism rate, it helps rid said problem on a day-by-day basis.
– Rid eye bags and dark circles. Message the delicate eye areas to rid excess water, puffiness and dark circles.
– To soften skin tissue by message. Make it look and delicate and soft.
– Accelerate the process of any skin treatments and achieve optimum results.

– Before operation, clean face well with proper cream.
– Wash off the cream then steam face 10 minutes.
– Clear out the dirty for strong ultrasonic working.
– Spread shrink water o the face and tap it gently then wipe off it.
– Test skin conditions then spread the suitable medicine cream on the face.
– Turn on the machine then adjust the power of probe to fit skin well.
– Set timer to show 15minutes the normal work time.
– Press the button to choose type of wave shape out.
– Massage on skim covered medicine cream with probe.
– After over the operation, turn off the machine and clean the dirty probe.
– If use the machine coming with the Chinese traditional medicine mask powder, it will have better effect.

– First clean face ( or wounded area ) before operation.
– The medicine cream used should be mucous to be absorbed in better by skins, at the same to avoid burning the probe.
– Work time set to 15minutes and it is enough at the normal conditions.
– Don’t make the probe to be near eyes or touch eyes to avoid hurt.
– Don’t make the probe in work but operate to touch skin, for to do that is easy to burn the probe for over heat.
– The electricity voltage is 1.00MHz, 1MHz ( with timer )
– Operation time: 1 – 30minutes ( adjustable )
– Electricity Output rate: 0 – 10W, adjustable.
– Pulse rate is 4Hz.
– Electricity Input rate: 110V / 220V ( with adjustable ON / OFF ) 50 – 60Hz
– Electricity supply rate: equal or less than 40W.